Uses of Polylines in AutoCAD

A polyline is an object in AutoCAD that consists of one or more line (or arc) segments. A rectangle is an example of a polyline that you are already familiar with. As you've seen, it is one object that can be modified and worked with easier than four separate lines. A 2D polyline is a... Continue Reading →


Uses of Lenthen Command

Short Cut:-LEN+enter: This command is used to extend or trim the length of a line and an object. If we apply positive value it extend the value of object as mentioned and it work similar to extend.         Ex:- (5) extend value of line by value 5. If we apply negative value it trim the... Continue Reading →

Panel in AutoCad

Panel is a circuit that used to control the electricy of any building or house or in industries from a single unit which we call panel once electricity is carried beyond our meter it is distributed to lights and appliances throughout the house by several electrical circuits. The distribution center or main panel and smaller... Continue Reading →

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