Uses of Polylines in AutoCAD

A polyline is an object in AutoCAD that consists of one or more line (or arc) segments. A rectangle is an example of a polyline that you are already familiar with. As you've seen, it is one object that can be modified and worked with easier than four separate lines. A 2D polyline is a... Continue Reading →


LENGTHEN Command in AutoCad

This command is very useful in AutoCad. In this command we can change the length of object including angle of arc. In this command you can specify changes. LENGTHEN command can be used for trimming and extending objects. This command's shortcut is LEN (enter). In this command their are four sub tools and these are... Continue Reading →

Views and Isometric in AutoCAD

Drawings in which the object is drawn in 2 dimensions (2-D), i.e. 2 sides of the object appear in one drawing. Normally only one drawing is prepared/ used. They are used extensively in artistic drawing. A 2 dimensional view (i.e. shows length, width or length, height or width, height of the object simultaneously). Provides general... Continue Reading →

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