Mental Ray and V-Ray in 3Ds Max

In 3Ds Max there are mainly two types of lights i.e. MENTAL RAY V-RAY Mental Ray Mental ray is a default setting of light in max. In this there are standard lights and photometric lights. In Standard lights there is omni light , target spot, target direct, free spot, free direct and sky light.  Photometric... Continue Reading →


Difference between Line and Polyline?

The Line and Poly line are two objects with difference properties in Auto-CAD. In the line command, every time we click, the part between two points are- an Independent unity but the part between the first point and the last point consist of multiple separated independent unities. The Line command allows you to create single... Continue Reading →

Views and Isometric in AutoCAD

Drawings in which the object is drawn in 2 dimensions (2-D), i.e. 2 sides of the object appear in one drawing. Normally only one drawing is prepared/ used. They are used extensively in artistic drawing. A 2 dimensional view (i.e. shows length, width or length, height or width, height of the object simultaneously). Provides general... Continue Reading →

Explanation of 2-D in AutoCAD

2-D stand for two- dimension. It means any object which stand only in two- dimension like length and width only are two -dimensional object. In Auto CAD the dimension which is used is width and height only.This object has zero thickness means they are flat. Square, Circles, triangles are some common example of two-dimensional objects.... Continue Reading →

AutoCad Training Courses In Delhi

AutoCad is a software by which you are able to create 2D & 3D computer aided designs easily. AutoCAD was first introduced in 1982, which is running on microcomputer with internal graphics controller. After so many upgradations, AutoCAD was develop with some enhancements which are follows: Capable to run on separate graphics controller Updated AutoCAD... Continue Reading →

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