Mental Ray and V-Ray in 3Ds Max

In 3Ds Max there are mainly two types of lights i.e.


  • V-RAY

Mental Ray

Mental ray is a default setting of light in max. In this there are standard lights and photometric lights. In Standard lights there is omni light , target spot, target direct, free spot, free direct and sky light. 

Photometric Lights there are mainly two lights which we can use i.e. target light and free light.

But both lights in mental ray plays a unique role in render settings. Each light is specify for some purpose so that we can get the actual result.

There are many different settings which we can shift according to our requirements.


V-Ray is that light setting which recreate our model in a complete different look and we can say into the actual look. It is very must when you are making a architect model. Without this we cannot get the actual look / material . It has his own lights/ material/render settings through which we can easily work.

In this we have mainly three types of lights

  • V-Ray light

  • Target Light – ies lights

  • Mr Sun

V-Ray Light is that for environment light and cove lights.

Ies Lights is used for interiors .The Spot light in any interior is ies light.

Mr. Sun light is used for exteriors. Sunlight effect creates from this light.


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